Phobias & Fears


This is an area of hypnotherapy that can be very effective in a very short period of time. Many fears and phobias are generally irrational and can be helped, and even cured, through hypnotherapy. 


The most common phobias are those such as fear of spiders and fear of flying, which can be easily cured using cognitive hypnotherapy techniques to help learn new behaviour patterns i.e. a calm reaction rather than a panic reaction.


Sometimes, if a phobia is deeper and more disruptive as can be the case with severe agoraphobia or social phobia, then it may be necessary to look at some of the issues surrounding the onset of the phobia and work to resolve them. Phobias are often rooted in childhood misunderstanding. A child doesn't necessarily have the logical tools and information to understand the meaning of a parent standing on a stool screaming at a small insect. They will almost certainly make a deep unconscious decision that the insect is dangerous.


Different hypnotherapists have different approaches to the treatment of phobias and it is important to speak to the therapist you have chosen to check that you are comfortable with them, their approach, qualifications and experience.

These are excellent phobias and fears hypnosis sessions. 


Hypnotherapy can help with phobias in many ways including:

Teaching relaxation and visualisation techniques for systematic desensitisation.


Learning new habits such as being more relaxed and calm. Although it may seem obvious, these habits exist on the same unconscious level as the original phobia and hypnosis will help to create them quickly.


Coming to an internal understanding and acceptance of how the phobia may once have served a useful purpose but has now become an unnecessary behaviour pattern. This issue can resolve itself under a conscious level of awareness. For evidence of this, look at the way children eventually learn to not be scared of monsters even though they never actually sit down and consciously make the decision. Hypnosis simply accelerates the internal ability we have to get over irrational fears. 


Some common (and less common) phobias

Achluophobia Fear of darkness

Agliophobia Fear of pain

Androphobia Fear of men

Arachnophobia Fear of spiders

Atychiphobia Fear of failure

Aviophobia Fear of flying

Brontophobia Fear of thunder and lightening (storms)

Chiraptophobia Fear of being touched

Coulrophobia Fear of clowns

Decidophobia Fear of having to make decisions

Dentophobia Fear of the dentist

Emetophobia Fear of vomiting

Ereuthrophobia Fear of blushing

Genophobia Fear of sex

Heliophobia Fear of the sun

Hemophobia Fear of blood

Insectophobia Fear of insects

Lachanophobia Fear of vegetables

Claustrophobia Fear of confined spaces

Microphobia Fear of small things

Mottephobia Fear of moths

Olfactophobia Fear of smells

Ornithophobia Fear of birds

Panophobia Fear of everything


There are literally thousands of these phobias. Each has its own special Greek name and if you wish to search through the internet you will find descriptions of all of them.