'My phobia of snakes & Reptiles is a thing of the past'

L.G. - Morpeth


'I passed my driving test - no nerves at all'

AD - Blyth


'The weight just dropped off without any effort'

LW - Wallsend


'Thanks for 'de-stressing' my life'

JGW - Blyth


'For the first time ever, the flight didn't spoil my holiday'

SL - Newcastle


'I was a smoker for 20 years and stopped successfully in one session. I would never have believed it had I not done it! Many Thanks' 

HC - Blyth.


'The most painless way to stop smoking that I could have wished for!'

SL - North Shields


'After smoking 20 cigs a day for 16 years, I can't believe that you stopped me in just 1hr. I can't thank you enough'

JLB - Ncle


'My Tinnitus is now totally controlled  Thanks so much'

RT - Switzerland


'I found my hypnotherapy session very beneficial. Prior to my visit I had been extremely nervous about flying, to the point where I could not board the plane and panicked about flying all the time. Since my session with John I have flown to London and have booked a holiday to Spain. I felt very relaxed during my flight and I didn't worry about the flight for days before hand as I used to do previous to being hypnotized. I am now looking forward to my holiday and also to my next flight'

CG - Newcastle